Since 1956, "The Proof is in The Taste!"

With Pizza King Indianapolis’s imminent arrival in Fountain Square, the King has decided to send all of his horses, and all of his men (and women) to work on his new restaurant there. Because of this Pizza King pizza ovens will temporarily power down after this evening’s delivery service, and will resume production in Indianapolis’s newest restaurant destination, Fountain Square!

Our Facebook page and Twitter account @PizzaKingIndy will have regular updates! Looking forward to serving you all the #CrownJewels very soon!

Since 1956 Pizza King pizza and breadsticks have been a staple of rural Hoosier life. Now, residents of downtown Indianapolis will have the opportunity to experience a slice of their youth, or be introduced to Pizza King flavor for the very first time.


1267 Shelby Street                                     Indianapolis, IN 46203

Phone: 317.363.2029

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Yesterday, and it appears everyday, 50% of those ordering Pizza King Indianapolis are ordering it for their second and third time. Thank you Indianapolis, Indiana for loving the Crown Jewels! 
Remember today is the Almost Twofer Tuesday. Meaning you get two 14" Feast pizzas for one low price. More for everybody!!!!